We launched the new release 1.2.0!

We have great news for you.

After several meetings with our platform users, visiting exhibitions and your social media contributions, we could enhance AM-Connect for you.

The new release 1.2.0 is now online and contains the following features.

Through improvement of search engine results, we managed to make our search bar even more efficient. This increases precise results in your buzzword search. Our search algorithm will safe you time, simplified search and helps you to find the right service provider for your needs.

Furthermore, it is now possible to invite companies that are AM-Connect users as well as external companies to your published projects. A few clicks and potential sub-contractors are invited to your project. So you can get more quotations and strengthen connections.

Another features is, that you can evaluate companies by their service, which allows more transparency to future customers for a successful partnership. In addition, excellent work of service providers gets more valued through this published rating and companies getting the chance to recognize their own weaknesses.

All this is only possible through your great feedback. Many thanks for that!

Thank you for using AM-Connect – SignUp now to enjoy the values of our new release!

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