LCNI Review

Being held every year, the LCNI connects experts who showcase the latest electricity and gas network innovation projects and technology crucial in supporting the sector’s transition to a low carbon energy future.

This year we were pleased to be a part of it and to raise awareness to the market situation regarding the procurement of small and medium service tenders for power transformers and other substation assets.

As per industry practice, we actively shared with delegates and exhibitors the key functions of our AM-Connect platform to promote a new and efficient approach in service procurement, and to enable the deployment of new solutions for service tendering into the energy market all across UK.


The problem areas we covered at the conference included:

  • The current in-transparent market situation on service providers and their portfolios
  • Inefficiencies during the evaluation process and untapped potential for better price negotiations with guaranteed service quality
  • The cost-consuming procurement processes of finding a matching service provider for small to medium service contracts


Attending the LCNI provided us with the opportunity to network and get to know new people and to present a solution to the problems mentioned above.


To find out more about the LCNI Conference or our platform please visit: