Distribution electric substation with power lines and transformers at sunset

AM-Connect – How it all started!

From a simple idea to a game changing matchmaking platform in the energy market – It’s time to share our story with you.

My name is Christoph Haering and I am one of the Managing Directors and founder of the matchmaking platform AM-Connect. As an engineer with a passion for new technologies and many years of experience within the high voltage industry I have encountered numerous problems over the last few years when it comes to procurement of services for substation assets.

A subject that caused me headache in particular was the complex process of finding the best service company for sub-contracting smaller services as well as to get notice about suitable substation service projects, that exactly match my service portfolio.

During our research we realized that the problem of intransparency throughout the service market not only occurs on the service provider side. Utilities and heavy industries got problems finding the right service companies while tendering small and medium sized service projects for high voltage equipment.

The approach to access suitable service providers that fit best your requirements and budget is quite time-consuming and expensive. There has to be an easier way to link up with your perfect match among relevant companies.

Being a fan of platforms in my private life and using them on a daily basis me and my team came up with the idea of creating a B2B matchmaking platform. We already knew that platforms are suitable for matchmaking. Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, they all do it, and we all benefit from those services in our daily lives. For example, Amazon determines your interests about the products you have bought or rated. Following they compare your preferences with those of other customers. This comparison allows Amazon to recommend other products that may be of interest for you. In this way, Amazon benefits from higher sales and its customers from individual support. – A true win-win-situation, don’t you think?!

So why don’t we take the advantages of this proven concept, transfer it to the energy market and simplify our daily business!


With best regards,

Christoph Haering
Managing Director at AM-Connect